Saturday, February 21, 2009

Changing of the Guard

So, word on the street is another high profile west side gallery will be closing its doors this spring. Sales have dropped to virtually nothing and the foot traffic is gone. And what is the gallery owner doing while the house burns? Vacation.
Just as public outrage against Wall Street's excesses continues to grow, we in the art world should be equally outraged by the current breed of galleristas, who care very little about supporting the artists who give them fame, but are busy living the high life even in lean times such as these. It's the dirty little secret of the art world, that behind the fancy receptions, wine, and sophistication, most are barely making rent, not paying their artists for their sales, and many, many are being privately funded as pet projects by rich relatives, lovers and benefactors, with no actual money flow of their own.
One River West gallery comes to mind....apparently the owner's wealthy parent's were upset with their daughters binge drinking party lifestyle, so they "gave" her a gallery to straighten her out! And these are the trend setters for our well beings?